The activities carried out at the SAMBAQUI FARM are only possible because of the environmental protection measures and the sustainability of the measures, which consist of:

  • ROOT-ZONE SEWAGE TREATMENT FACILITY, which ensures the correct treatment of waste produced by the use of toilets;
  • WASTE MANAGEMENT CENTER, where the recyclable materials generated in the Restaurant and on the Farm are stored, separating aluminium, metal, plastic, glass, paper and vegetable oil, which are collected by a specialized partner company;
  • RATIONAL USE OF ELECTRICITY, by gradual replacement of conventional lamps with Intelligent LED lighting and replacement of devices such as refrigerators and ovens with new ones, which are more energy-efficient;
  • RATIONAL USE OF WATER during routine water usage;
  • Shifting the sale of Long Neck beers to canned beers, reducing pressure on landfills;
  • Prioritizing the use of local inputs and products, making it possible for partners to increase their business and income;
  • USAGE and TRAINING of local manpower, providing the whole team and the "neighbourhood" of the enterprise with human development.